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Andrea is a knowledgeable and resourceful yoga instructor.  She is aware of each student’s personal needs and always recommends that you work at your own level of comfort as she introduces new yoga postures to us often.  Her happy personality and sense of humour are great and I truly look forward to this hour of yoga each week.  Helen Brindley, Markham

I have known Andrea personally and professionally for almost 20 years and in this time, have been witness to her journey through Yoga, meditation, and further strengthening her holistic and nutritional approach to life.  I've always benefited from reaching out to Andrea whenever I have temporary or more consistent, ongoing pain.... Andrea doesn't just provide suggestions but will actively help you eliminate the issue and then provide suggestions that you can take home with you to continue the self care.  The movements are always very targeted to help the individual and their specific needs. I have always benefited from her help.  She is always patient and always very helpful!!!  Vivian C, Toronto

I have been pleased with my progress since I have been instructed by Andrea. I had problems walking distances and my joints were always aching.  I went to Disney World last Spring and was able to walk 10 to 15 kilometres each day . Considering I was having knee surgery in less then a month I consider it a great accomplishment. Before I started Yoga on the regular basis I would have had considerable  problems walking those distances. Andrea is a hands on instructor and when she sees you are doing a position wrong she corrects you by coming over and explaining the proper way to do the pose.  The class I am in gently aged women and she takes that to heart when she teaches us. She stress you must keep moving or your body will cease up and always work on your balance to stop the risk of falling. Andrea is funny, caring and a committed instructor .   When I had my surgery I didn't want to lose my place in her class so I paid for one whole session that I did not attend.     Cheryll S, Markham

Andrea is a skilled and knowledgeable instructor. She is dedicated to the well-being of her students and their particular needs. I have lower lumbar issues and with her guidance using the yoga therapy balls and yoga stretches, I am able to keep my body moving, without discomfort. She is very personable and teaches with enthusiasm and encouragement, always making the classes interesting and challenging. Marilynn, North York, Ontario

I have been lucky enough to know Andrea for 20 years both personally and professionally.  She has helped both my husband and myself manage and relieve pain from sport related injuries with the balls and restorative yoga.  Yes, we are a huge fan of the balls!  
Andrea shares her abundant wisdom in such a compelling way, one that inspires and supports us to be balanced.  Her exacting alignment cues,  attentive presence and most of all, her passion for what she teaches, have helped me to refine my practice on the mat while providing  key teachings for off the mat as well.  Kelly C, Oakville

Thank you for making a world of difference in my yoga life. S, Markham

Thank you for all your knowledge and devotion to assisting "me" in our endeavour to "keep fit and well".  - Lynn, Markham

You are truly a gifted yoga instructor and I'm grateful to have had  you guide me.   You have helped me move in a way that protects my back not just in my practice but in every day life.  I look forward to the fun & laughter, calmness & workout of my Monday night yoga class.  B.M - Ontario